How the LG Styler Works

For much of the world, contemporary laundry chores involve multiple, tedious steps. First, the washing machine. Then, the dryer. Finally, sorting, folding and storing. And as for cleaning your expensive, delicate fabrics? That’s a special trip to your local dry cleaning vendor.

Unless, of course, you forego all of these steps and opt instead for the LG Styler. The Styler isn’t a full-on laundry replacement. It’s a so-called clothes manager, a closet-sized machine that steams, shakes and dries your clothes so that after a long day of work, they’re ready for another go around that same night.

LG introduced the product in Korea in March 2011. It’s proved popular enough that the company is considering unveiling the Styler to other parts of the world, including the United States, perhaps in the near future. Of course, availability is one thing; price is quite another. And to take one of these babies home, you’ll need to plop down about $2,000.

LG doesn’t necessarily see the Styler as a residential product, although wealthy consumers can certainly squeeze one into their budgets. Instead, you may see these high-tech clothes managers at ritzy hotels, casinos, salons or even airports, where people have the time, money and desire to freshen up their clothes quickly and efficiently.

Harried executives, especially, might find the convenience of a Styler irresistible. Lose the wrinkled, bedraggled appearance and unseemly odors, make a better impression on your clients — suddenly, the Styler is your new best business friend.

But how exactly does the Styler turn your cargo-crushed, red-eye suit into crisper apparel? Keep reading and we’ll show you how the Styler gives your travel-worn, smelly clothes a new wearing cycle, without so much as a single spin cycle.

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